1         BACKGROUND

1.1     The Dog Whisperer is the Managing Director of Dog Whisperer World and takes on the role as the “Trainer”


1.2     The Trainer wishes to engage the Client that use of any services is subject to the terms and conditions on part of the Client as set out in these terms and conditions.


1.3.  If you book the services of  Dog Whisperer World, then it is automatically registered as your confirmation that you accept these terms and conditions. 



1.1       Clients’ records and information will be kept in accordance with the ‘Data Protection Act 2018’, and will not be shared with any third party.


1.2       Anonymised data and records will be stored and may be used and shared for training purposes only.


3         SERVICES

1.1      The qualified Trainer will provide all initial assessments and initial interventions for the Client unless otherwise specified and agreed.


1.2      All on-going training will be provided by the Trainer or,  employees of the Trainer who have been trained for purpose, and/or deemed to have the necessary skills and experience.


1.3      All initial assessments, one-to-one training, classes and follow-up for the Client will run in accordance with these terms and conditions.


1.4      All services provided by the Trainer will be subject to the Client’s needs. Specific roles and responsibilities of the Client for individual training purposes will be documented at initial assessment. All delegated responsibilities are subject to the terms and conditions.


4         PUBLICITY

1.1      No Client shall use the name, logo, or registered image of the Trainer in any publicity, advertising or press release without the prior written approval of an authorised representative of the Trainer.


1.2      No Client shall use training documentation, training methods, or materials of the Trainer for second or third parties, publicity, advertising or press release.


5         PAYMENT

1.1    The Client will be in agreement for the payment conditions to the Trainer as set out in Schedule 1. In the event that any changes to the payment arrangements occur, an amended financial schedule will need to be signed by both parties.


1.2    Full payment for the Trainer services is due upon the commencement, as set out in schedule 1, and payable directly to the Trainer. There is no refund policy.


1.3    For all services, a deposit will be required to be provided to the Trainer upon booking agreement, for commencement of the service, set out in schedule 1. Once a deposit is received, the Training service will be confirmed, and you will be obliged to make full payment for the service. Exceptions for full payment will require 48 hours notice to the Trainer. There is no refund policy and all deposits will be non-refundable.


1.4.   Payment for travel is complementary within a 10 mile radius of Portsmouth. Beyond this radius the average journey will be calculated according to but not limited to “Google maps” and chargeable for one way at the standard hourly rate. For example: the journey according to “Google maps” is 1 hour each way, then only one hour journey time is chargeable. If enroute there is any unexpected traffic or delay to the journey, then this is not chargeable and the Trainer accepts this.

1.5.    For all services a Loyalty Scheme is available for those who book 6 or more training sessions, in advance, as set out in schedule 1.


1.6.    For all services a Refer a friend scheme is available. If a referred friend books for an initial consultation, or a block training session is booked, then a discount will be applicable to the referrer, for current or future services, as set out in schedule 1. 


1.7.    All booking deposits to be paid directly to the Trainer in cash, or payment card i.e. visa, via the secure PayPal link, on the Trainer website.





Area of Cost

Payment (£ Sterling)

1 Deposit 50% of expected fees, or £100 (whichever is greater)
2 Hourly rate £95 per hour
3 Loyalty Scheme 6 sessions booked, 6th session free.
4 Refer a friend scheme (referrer only) 50% discount for the next individual session.