How long does the training take?

A 1-2-1 session will involve a consultation in the first instance where we talk through the issues. This will start to build the picture as to what may be causing the problem behaviour.
The trainer will then make observations and will develop a tailor made personal training plan for you and your dog.
The trainer will work through the training plan with you so that you can practice this with your dog.
This typically lasts 2 to 3 hours, but can be more depending on the severity of the behaviour.
You will then be given homework and expected to continue working on the training plan with your dog. Remember, practice makes perfect ?

Will the training work?

Yes. The training uses scientifically proven learning techniques that have been used for many years by Psychologists and Behaviourists. The same principles apply to humans and animals, so if you practice these over and over again with animals they will learn the behaviour that you want or don’t want for the long term. 

Should I rehome my dog or try the training?

We always recommend to try the training in the first instance, as many dogs can develop behaviour problems, and sometimes all it takes is a professional Behaviourist to correct the issue. There are also far too many dogs in rescue centres so it is always worthwhile trying to help your dog in the first instance rather than rehome.

If however you need to rehome for safety reasons, we would always recommend that you put the safety and welfare of others first. If you ever need to discuss this with us we are always happy to talk this through. 

I work all day and would like my dog walked, is this possible?

Yes. We have been providing a dog walking service for over 15 years and can enter your property to collect and return your dog for walking whilst you are at work.

Our dog walkers are fully DBS checked. 

I am interested in the dog holidays, what are the requirements?

Your dog will require vaccinations (including rabbies) and a pet passport signed and issued by a vet.

Your pet is then ready to travel.

We can suggest some holidays, or if you have a preference we are happy to taken them there.

The holiday will be costed and you will be required to pay the full price upfront.

Upon returning to the UK, your dog will require a worming tablet. This will also be costed into the price.

Benefits of dog holidays are they can give owners a break that may have busy life styles, we can provide amazing holiday photos of your dog.