Dog Whisperer World uses a combination of Dog Whispering and scientific Learning based training methods.

Learning based training can include Classical and Operant Conditioning.

The Learning based training will be built into your tailor made training programmes so that they are right for you and your dog, easy to carry out, and based on science, so that your dog has the best chance to change.

Examples of Classical Conditioning in dog training are rewards with gestures, touch, treats and toys, whereby your dog will learn with association and reward. For example, if you want your dog to sit and you instruct them to sit, and he/she sits, you could reward them with a stroke, or treat. This is called positive reinforcement and is a method that we use a lot when developing tailor made training programmes.

Examples of Operant Conditioning are if your dog sits voluntarily, you would say ‘sit’ as they complete the action, and you would then reward them. This could be considered trial and error behaviour.